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Details for Current Participants

Winter Indoor League (posted 11/10)
Registration: Families who expressed interest in doing the winter league at the Quad should have received an email with registration details.
Practice: is open to all players (even if they do not do the indoor league). We still do not know when practice will be - it depends on the indoor space we will be able to secure.
Games: Saturday afternoon / evening for U10; Sunday afternoon / evening for U12. The schedule is determined by the Quad, and will be realized closer to the start of the season (early January)

Fall Check In, Winter Soccer, Spring season and tournament (posted 10/28)

Memorial Day tournament:
Like most soccer clubs, AYSO EXTRA is planning an end of year tournament. In the past, the tournament spanned over one or two days during Memorial Day weekend and one or two days during the weekend after. Team progressed from the initial stages, all the way to the finals. This is a sample schedule from the Spring 2019 tournament (the highest ranked teams did not need to play the first game). We do not know yet how things will look this year, and will share more information once we know more. For now, please reserve Memorial Day weekend for soccer. And if you know now your player cannot play over Memorial Day weekend, please let your coach know.

Fall season updates:
Thank you all for being a part of re-building the AYSO EXTRA Evanston program after the long pause due to COVID. If you have any feedback to share with us, feel free to complete this form . We want to hear from you about you and your player’s EXTRA experience.

Winter play:
Your coaches and team parents have communicated directly with the teams regarding winter practice and winter play. 
We still do not know practice times and locations. If you know of any local gyms we can use, or know someone who can help, please let your team parents/coaches know.
Additional December soccer opportunities are here, see here for registration . It is organized by the same company who provides the professional trainers you meet at practice. 

Spring dates:
Spring season will run 4/3/2022 - 6/5/2022, with games on Sunday afternoon again (though the last week of game might be the tournament, see above).

If you haven’t already, please give your team parents (1)  the AYSO orange jersey you received for the first game (all orange; last year’s Core jersey), and (2) the temporary jersey (orange back/front, white sleeves), if you received one. We want to have these ready in case we need them as backup plan again for next year. No need to return socks, pants, or this year’s core uniform you may have received. Coaches/team parents – please give Terri or Michal the jerseys you receive.

Season dates 

Games will be on Sundays, typically at 5:30pm, with an earlier start time later in the Fall due to early sunset. Fall season dates are 9/12/2021 – 11/7/2021, and Spring season 4/3/2022 - 6/5/2022.

Games schedule
AYSO Area 6D EXTRA Schedule

Practice Schedule

First week of practice will be the week of August 30th, unless you hear differently from your coach

U12 GirlsWednesday5:00 - 6:30 PMBent

Friday5:00 - 6:30 PMBent
U12 BoysTuesday5:00-6:30 PMLeahy

Thursday5:00-6:30 PMButler
U10 GirlsTuesday5:00-6:30 PMMason

Thursday5:00-6:30 PMBent
U 10 BoysTuesday5:00-6:30 PMBent

Thursday5:00-6:30 PMBent



We would like to thank again to all volunteers, and encourage other parents to volunteer and help as needed:

General Roles

Extra program co-coordinatorTerri Lydon
Extra program co-coordinatorMichalMaimaran
Team parent and ID cards coordinatorCaraGutstein
Referee coordinator (Extra)StephanieWeber
Referee coordinator (Core)BrianBohley
Equipment and finance coordinatorDanielMacAvoy

U10 Boys

Head CoachDennisStonequist
Assistant CoachTimothySchmitt
Referee 1:BrianBohley
Referee 2:ScottHawley
Team parent 1:MarisaMcPherson
Team parent 2:EmilyWithrow

U10 Girls

Head CoachMarceloWorsley
Assistant CoachMarkPotosnak
Referee 1:ChristieKlimas
Referee 2:PaulSchatz
Team parentErinMachmber
Team parentClaireMarcy

U12 Boys

Head CoachWilKurth
Assistant CoachBrianBlack
Referee 1:KlausWeber
Referee 2:??????
Team parentAnitaGeevarghese
Team parentKateDeVivo

U12 Girls

Head CoachWesWesenberg
Assistant CoachBrendanDunn
Referee 1: JeraldStiedaman
Referee 2 ??????
Team parent 1: AliciaChristiansen
Team parent 2: ??????


If you wish to add another email address to have team / program emails sent to, please let you team parent know

All teams practice and parents meeting
Sunday, August 29th, James Park (fields 4, 5, 7, and 8)
All teams practice will be at 4:30-5:30pm. The mandatory preseason parent meeting will be at 4:45-5:15pm near the shed.  At least one parent from each family is required to attend the meeting per the league rules. During the meeting we discuss the league rules, expectations, and any questions you might have. 
Practice locations only for 8/29: U10 Boys: James 8; U10 Girls: James 5; U12 Boys: James 4; U12 Girls: James 7

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