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EXTRA Program

Evanston AYSO EXTRA Program overview

AYSO EXTRA is Competitive Travel Soccer within AYSO – at a modest price in comparison to Club Soccer.  EXTRA Program Players are on a regular “house” AYSO Team and the EXTRA Team.  EXTRA adheres to the same principles as the Core (standard) AYSO program, but offers greater competition and additional opportunities for player development.  EXTRA teams have well trained, experienced volunteer coaches, and practices are led by paid professional trainers. Tryouts for EXTRA are held each Spring for the following Fall-Spring season.

Click here for more information on Tryouts:  EXTRA Tryouts page

Basic information for the Evanston AYSO EXTRA Program:

  • Players in the AYSO EXTRA Program play on two teams - their Core (house league) AYSO team as well as the EXTRA (travel) team.

  • EXTRA teams play in a league against other AYSO EXTRA teams in the area.  In EXTRA we keep score and standings; and hold a season ending tournament.

  • EXTRA adheres to the same principles as the Core AYSO program, including Everyone Plays, but offers greater competition and additional opportunities for player development.  All EXTRA players play at least half of all EXTRA games – not “starters” and “subs”.  We emphasize Positive Coaching and good sportsmanship. 
  • EXTRA is led by dedicated volunteers doing it for love of the game and love of their kids, but also utilizes paid professional soccer trainers.
  • EXTRA Teams have 1-2 additional practices per week, typically on weeknights, and play one additional game each Sunday at 5:30 PM. Practices are scheduled based on on coach and field availability, and are led by paid professional trainers.   

A player in AYSO EXTRA thus has 2 soccer games a week (both Sunday) and 2-3 practices – a comparable amount of soccer as joining a club team.

We will have at least one boys and one girls team at U10 and at U12. If we have sufficient qualified, interested players and volunteers we may add a second team in one or more division. If we do add a second team, the two teams will be balanced – not an “A” team and a “B” team.

EXTRA is a try out based program – meaning that no player is guaranteed to make the squad. Even current players have to try out again each year.

There is an additional fee for EXTRA - $395 – in addition to the Core AYSO fee of $200. Scholarship funds are available, and payments plans can be offered.

Placement into EXTRA is based on open tryouts.  Places are limited. 

Questions? John Hanson, Evanston AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator [email protected]


EXTRA Program FAQs

Why Choose the AYSO EXTRA Program vs. other competitive soccer options?

The AYSO EXTRA Program is unique among competitive youth soccer options.  It remains focused on player development and fun as the prime objectives – not winning at the expense of player growth and enjoyment.  The AYSO EXTRA Program follows the 6 AYSO Philosophies of Everyone Plays (fair playing time rotation for all EXTRA players), Open Registration (equal opportunity merit tryouts), Positive Coaching, Player Development, Balanced Teams (if more than one EXTRA team is formed in a division, they are balanced – not an “A” team and “B” team); and Good Sportsmanship. 

The AYSO EXTRA Program is run by local volunteers who are involved for love of soccer and to provide a great experience for their own kids and for their community.  No profit motive.  Not for glory.  Just soccer and kids.  If you want to stay involved in your kids’ sporting activities, you are very welcome to do so!  And finally, the financial value can’t be beat.

2)    What are the age eligibility rules for the AYSO EXTRA Program? 

12U for Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Season = born in 2008 and 2009

10U for Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Season = born in 2010 and 2011

EXTRA is in two year increments, like Core AYSO (i.e. no 9U or 11U).  We do not have EXTRA teams at 8U or 14U, just 10U and 12U.  If born after 2011 your child is too young for EXTRA for 2019-20, and too old if born in 2007 or earlier.

3)    What is the fee for the AYSO EXTRA Program?

In addition to the $200 fee for the standard “Core” AYSO program, there is an additional $395 fee for participation in the EXTRA Program, for a total cost of $595 (early bird and sibling discounts available for Core AYSO only).  Financial assistance is available.  The EXTRA fee pays for paid professional trainers for practices, uniform, and team gear. 

4)    Can I play in the AYSO EXTRA Program but not the “Core” or “house league” of AYSO?

No. All EXTRA Players are also assigned to a “Core” AYSO team, and they must be active participants in the Core team.  See Question 9 for details.

5)    What are the rules on playing time for EXTRA?

Each EXTRA Player is guaranteed to play at least 50% of each EXTRA game.  It is also required that all players would play 3 quarters before any are allowed to play 4 quarters.

6)    Will I (the parents) have to Volunteer for anything?

Yes.  AYSO is an all-volunteer organization.  The EXTRA Program requires a lot of additional support – to offer something special for 78 kids out of the 1800+ total kids in AYSO, and 500+ at U10 and U12.  We need your help.  Parents of EXTRA players are expected to serve as a Team Parent, Referee, Coach, or in administrative support or even a leadership role for the EXTRA Program.  This could include just helping out with special projects or discrete tasks throughout the year, for an hour here or there. If there are insufficient parent volunteers for a team, that team may not be formed.  This includes both coaches and referees.

7)    When and Where are EXTRA games played? 

Sundays at 5:30 pm, with game time moved up towards end of the Fall as sunset comes earlier.  Thus AYSO EXTRA players have a “Core” game early Sunday afternoon, and an EXTRA game later that day. 

EXTRA Games will be here in Evanston and also away in neighboring AYSO “Regions” in communities in the North Shore and north side of Chicago.  Here is some information regarding our league: 

8)    When are Practices?

Practice schedules are determined by the EXTRA Team coaches, after consulting with parents on availability.  For 2018-9, we anticipate that U10 EXTRA Teams will practice one weeknight for 1.5 hours, and U12 EXTRA Teams two weeknights for 1.5 hours.  Typically there are no EXTRA activities on Saturdays. Core Team Practice times vary for each player, based on the Core Team Coach’s decision.  Between EXTRA and Core teams – especially at U12 - you get a similar amount of soccer activity each week as offered by a Club, for ¼ to ½ the price!

9)    What if I have conflicts with other activities?

There are only 10 players for a U10 EXTRA team (7 v 7) and 12 players for U12 (9 v 9), with no allowance for game day “fill-ins”, so it is expected that EXTRA Program players make participation in EXTRA a priority. Of course occasional conflicts are expected and permitted, and we encourage AYSO soccer players to remain active in other sports and activities for healthy child development, and to have fun!  Systemic conflicts with EXTRA Program activities, however, need to be avoided for the sake of a player’s teammates (i.e. we don’t want to forfeit matches due to too few players available). 

This is especially important since places in the EXTRA Program are very limited relative to the overall size of AYSO, and there are many kids who try out but are not offered a place on the team.  EXTRA players also must be active participants in their Core teams, and must play in no less than 50% of Core AYSO team games, and attend Core team and EXTRA team practices regularly.  An EXTRA Program player will lose eligibility for EXTRA games if the Core Team participation requirements are not met.

10)  Who are the professional trainers?

Our trainers are from Coachfinder Soccer. The leadership of that organization was formerly affiliated with UK International Soccer, the official partner of AYSO for summer soccer camps.  Our trainers have typically played college soccer and many at the semi-pro level.  They have had advanced coaching training and are also trained in the AYSO philosophies which ensure that fun is a primary requirement.

11)  Is their indoor soccer in the winter for the AYSO EXTRA Program?

We do offer winter indoor soccer. This last winter all Evanston AYSO EXTRA teams had weekly indoor practices in local gyms, and the teams also participated in the indoor league at the Quad Center, playing against club teams.  We expect to offer these winter options again.  Participation in the indoor league at Quad will require additional fees (expect approx. $150).  Winter indoor soccer is not mandatory, but is certainly encouraged.   

12)  Are their tournaments?

There is an end of season EXTRA tournament over two weekends, including Memorial Day Weekend.  Seeding in the tournament is based on regular season standings.  Participation in any additional tournaments would be up to each team, with additional costs borne by the team’s parents. 

For more information on AYSO EXTRA™, please click here

Other Questions?  Contact Evanston AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator [email protected]

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